Our community is getting behind

Vallie Brown
Labor & Organizations
  • Gail Baugh, Former President, Hayes Valley Neighborhood Association*
  • Ann Belden, Board Member, Alamo Square Neighborhood Association*
  • Tami Bryant, DCCC Assembly District 17*
  • Majeid Crawford, New Fillmore Leadership Association*
  • Martha Ehrenfeld, President, Inner Sunset Park Neighbors*
  • Lena Emmery, Former President Cole Valley Improvement Association*
  • Leela Gill, Board Member and North Panhandle Community Leader*
  • Larry Griffin, Board Member, Emeritus of North Panhandle Neighborhood Association*
  • Benjamin Horne, Business owner and D5 resident
  • Andrea Jadwin, Former President, Inner Sunset Park Neighbors*
  • Conor Johnston, Former Board Member, Haight Ashbury Improvement Association; Small Business Owner*
  • Michelle Leighton, Buena Vista Neighborhood Association*
  • Sandy Mori, Japantown Community Leader
  • Jeff Nakajo, Japantown Community Leader
  • Robert Patterson, President of LoHAMNA*
  • Calvin Quick, D5 Youth Commissioner*
  • Corey Smith, Cofounder, HAND*
  • Jack Song, San Francisco Film Commissioner* and D5 resident 
  • James Spingola, Community Engagement Director, Ella Hill Hutch Center*
  • JJ Strahle, Past President, North of Panhandle Neighborhood Association*
  • Sunny Sunshine-Powers, Haight-Ashbury Community Leader
  • Lisa Zahner, Alamo Square Community Leader; Boardmember, BAY HAC*

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