Thank you!

Thank you so much for all you have done for our campaign and coming on this journey with me. We worked our hearts out for these neighborhoods that we love, but it appears that in the end, we have come up short.

Though there are still votes left to be counted, we do not believe there are enough outstanding ballots to change the outcome of this election.

The result of this race may sting now, but there is so much to be optimistic about today. I have no doubt our city’s future remains bright if we come together. We will celebrate the victory of our President- and Vice President-elect, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, and a new era of responsible, progressive leadership.

This has been a most unusual campaign in a most unusual year. We face once-in-a-generation challenges: a global pandemic, a growing homelessness crisis that requires caring, thoughtful solutions, and a housing affordability crisis that calls for bold leadership to keep San Francisco a place everyone can call home.

For this campaign, for these neighborhoods, for this city — thank you for all you have done.

In community,